Many years ago during my agency career I had a media opportunity which required me to speak on camera. I’m normally a very confident person and didn’t think I would have a problem freestyling on film, talking about marketing, a subject I love and felt very confident about.

The film…

Many of us are stuck indoors facing the prospect of gyms being closed for many weeks or months. Few of us have home gym equipment so for those of us who like to train this pandemic has been incredibly restrictive.

I’ve always been a big fan of practicing free-weight exercises…

Since Byron Sharp’s ‘How Brands Grow’ arrived on the scene four years ago, the marketing world has been debating its credibility. Sharp’s instruction to ‘continuously reach all buyers of the category’ flies in the face of traditional marketing theory that requires you to pick your target segment carefully and sometimes…

Nathan Levi

Marketer, Londoner, Fitness lover, Gay

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